Northwestern Europe Regional Contest
November 28-29 2015

General Rules

The ACM ICPC regional contest rules can be found at the ICPC regionals web site: official ICPC regional rules for 2015.

In addition to these rules, the following local rules apply:

Team Composition

Contest Material

We follow the World Finals' Rules, so a team is allowed to bring 3 copies of their Team Reference document, but not allowed to bring any additional reference materials such as books, program listings and notes! You may not bring any electronic device or machine readable media (this includes but is not limited to cell phones, digital cameras, and mp3 players). You may bring pens or pencils, but not paper (these will be provided). Winter coats, bags etc should not be brought to the contest floor.

Each contestant may bring a copy of a Team Reference Document. This document may contain up to 25 pages of reference materials, single-sided, letter or A4 size, with pages numbered in the upper right-hand corner and your university name printed in the upper left-hand corner. Text and illustrations must be readable by a person with correctable eyesight without magnification from a distance of 1/2 meter. It may include hand-written comments and corrections on the fronts of pages only. The document should be in some type of notebook or folder with the name of your institution on the front.

Each team member may bring one printed, unannotated natural language dictionary. You may bring mascots such as stuffed toy animals or party hats (provided they do not violate any of the above constraints). If there is some other item your team needs at the contest, please contact the Head of Jury.

Teams are allowed to bring one keyboard to replace the keyboard provided by us (Swedish layout). Note that keyboards with pre-programmed macro keys are not allowed. Wireless keyboards are also not allowed.

Keyboards and Team Reference Documents should be handed in at the registration.

Programming Languages

Allowed programming languages are C, C++ and Java. These are the languages provided at the World Finals. (For detailed information review the system page.)

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